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Six reasons why you should learn to swim

By 06/07/2023No Comments
learn to swim
by Darren Bubb
Swim Safe Director

1. It’s great for your health
Swimming when young helps children to develop their strength, co-ordination and flexibility. It helps solidify a love of physical activity and exercise which will help them keep fit and stay fit no matter their age.

2. There are no age limits
Swimming is for EVERYONE, it doesn’t discriminate against age. From babies and children to parents and grandparents. It’s never too late to learn to swim and open up a whole form of physical activity.

3. It’s a low impact sport
Unlike other popular sports, swimming’s low impact means that you reduce the chance of injury. Which means that not only is it a great recovery and rehabilitation sport it means that you can swim well into older age.

4. Swimming lasts a lifetime
Learning to swim not only gives you a new skill. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy swimming for many years to come.

5. Great place to make friends
Swimming is a powerful way to bring people together, whilst having fun, overcoming struggles and fears. It gives your children a chance to meet people away from their classrooms and gives them a wider social circle. It’s also a great way for parents to meet other parents too.

6. Swimming could save your life
Drowning is the second-biggest cause of accidental death in children aged one to 14 years old in the country. This means that it’s vital that your child knows how to react should they find themselves in trouble in the water. Learning to swim will help your child become a strong swimmer and give them the best chance of survival should they find themselves in a difficult situation in water.

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