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Water sports – more to it than sailing?

By 12/05/2019No Comments
by Harvey Dawkins
Lagoon Water Sports

Kids love to splash around in the water; they seem to get as much fun from the falling in as they do from any actual activity! When a child learns to windsurf, sail or wakeboard, not only are they learning the key skills required for the sport, such as how to pull the sail up and where to put their feet, they are also introduced to a whole new world, which for many kids is completely different and requires them to use new skills.


Combined with careful leadership and instruction from qualified and experienced staff the young novice will not only learn a new watersport but will come away with their eyes opened to a whole new world.

Water sports provide children with a fantastic opportunity to have a great time and learn new skills, but water sports offer far more than learning the technical skills of each sport. They provide an excellent way of developing and improving a whole range of life skills away from the classroom and frequently allow a different group of children to flourish.

Our first time sailor quickly finds they need to know where the wind is coming from. They need to figure out what they can and cannot do in this new world. This requires experiential learning. Once up and going, our novice sailor will need to try many different ways to make sure they are heading where they want to. It soon becomes apparent that the wind is the boss of the boat and the sailor must learn how to use this to their advantage. Whilst all this is going on, our young sailor is becoming more and more confident in the water, which
is a very important and rewarding outcome.

It is common to find that children that do not flourish in the classroom find the water sports arena is one in which they can excel. Just a few months after their first nervous steps on the water a youngster can be out sailing on the sea or jumping the wakeboard ramps. The confidence gained by proving to themselves, parents and peers that they can master the new skills and succeed in a challenging environment can have a host of positive outcomes As one parent puts it… “My son started windsurfing and sailing as a very shy 11 year old who found the classroom environment difficult due to dyslexia. Three years later he is a confident teenager achieving excellent results at school, is passionate about water sports and is now confident enough to teach adults and children sailing during the holidays. Thank you Lagoon Water Sports.”

All this and more can be achieved whilst the children are having a ball as long as you choose the right location. Before leaping in, make sure you look for a Royal Yachting Association School and one that is Adventure Activity Licensed as they will ensure the school operates to high standards.

There is more to water sports than meets the eyes and it is all out there waiting for our children – and there is nothing to stop you joining in either!

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