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Maximising family time

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Family time is important for your child’s development and happiness. In a world where we’re all so busy with our daily lives and work commitments though, it can sometimes be hard to find time together. This means we need to make sure we’re making the most of the time we do spend together, and make this time valuable and memorable too. So how can we do this? We’ve come up with a number of tip top tips to help.

1. Plan in your ‘dates’
One way of making the most of the time you spend with your child is to set aside perhaps one day a month or one night a week, where you do something you all enjoy together alone. You could go and see a movie, visit the park, or even play in the garden together. Maybe you could even set this time aside and mark the dates on a calendar. This will be a great way of not only remembering when you’ll be together, but also showing your child how much you value the time you have with them.

2. Turn daily tasks into ‘together time’
Are there any jobs you could get your children involved in doing with you, rather than just coming along with you? Do you need to go food shopping maybe? Well, why not turn this into ‘fun’ time and find food together. Need to make dinner? Then involve them in the cooking process. This will also benefit them as they’ll learn cookery skills and get to be creative with food. Doing jobs like this together might be messier and longer, but children should gain happy memories from it and you’ll be making the most of the time together too.

3. Tell a bedtime story
Another great idea is to tell them a story before bedtime. Rather than just saying ‘goodnight’, you could find a book in the library – there are loads of books out there for younger children – or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not make one up? That’s always fun! Their imagination will run any way you choose, which is great for their future development.

4. Have dinner together
Instead of eating dinner separately, why not eat at the table all together where everyone interacts? Having dinner together means you can ask
your child questions about their day or what they enjoy – they’ll love the fact you’re taking an interest, and it may teach them valuable social and developmental skills too.

5. Play games together
Instead of mum being in the living room watching television, dad on his laptop in the kitchen and the children in their rooms playing video games, why not turn all this off and have a good family game session and make the most of the time in the house together? It should be really funny, memorable and enjoyable, and whether your family’s favourite is Cluedo, Monopoly or Uno, your children will appreciate the time you spend with them – you also get to have a break from phones and the Internet too!

Kathryn Marchant is a mum of two and Marketing Manager at Novabods, a game that provides fun learning for 5-7 year olds. Kathryn specialises in writing content to support parents and give them helpful hints.