23 June 2017

The community parents programme



Becoming pregnant and looking after a new child can be an unsettling time. As a result, many parents can feel down and uncertain in their new role as parents.

When asked what would help, parents have said, that they particularly like to talk things over and to share ideas with other parents. Someone who is of a like mind but who isn't part of the family or involved in any other way and can be objective.

Community Parents are trusted local parents who will visit you at home or at a place of your choice. They can share their experience with you as parents themselves and bring useful tips and ideas. Someone with whom you can share, in confidence, the worries as well as the joys.

It has been noted by many sadly, that in recent years a feeling of community spirit has gone by the wayside. The Community Parents Programme is a way for parents to get together and to help each other out.

We have a Parents Interest Group for parents who want to get involved with helping to develop the programme and to set up new activities. We can help parents to get-together, organise trips out, whatever they want to get involved with!

"Everything is so new when you have children. The project is a great way of getting people involved in their community and letting them talk about their concerns." Sam, 32, mother Who the programme is for?
The programme is recognized as being of benefit to ALL parents. It is offered to everyone who lives in the Sure Start area of Brighton and Hove (see map), during pregnancy, and to mums, dads and carers with a child under 18 months.

Become a Volunteer
Mums and dads can use the skills they have learned in raising their own children by helping others feel that they are not alone in the trials and tribulations of parenting. You can offer your knowledge and understanding with non-judgmental support.

" I know what its like to be a parent and sometimes it helps to know that there are other people out there in a similar boat. It's nice to be able to speak to other parents about bringing up children, the good things and the not-so-good things" Lesa, 31, mother of 2, Community Parent

"This project is about parents working for parents. I don't think there are the links of extended family anymore. This is a way for parents to get support without feeling they are being judged." Susan, 22, mother of 2, Community Parent

How to find out more
Telephone the Programme Co-ordinator on (01273) 320 900

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