23 June 2017



By Catherine Henderson

Advertising Executives are starting to wake up to the new phenomenon that is spreading across the country; it is true, women are now the main purchase decision makers in every household. The purchase can be anything from a tin of baked beans, a sofa, a family holiday or a new home!

These purchasing decisions are not taken lightly. Everyday, whether it be meeting up with the NCT group, exchanging advice at the playground or reading magazines like ABC, women are undertaking research to ensure that the purchases made are the best available within the family's budget.

Historically, major household decisions have been spearheaded by the male partner, leaving his other half to take care of those with a lesser financial impact, such as grocery shopping. Times have changed. It's evident that even the most significant household decisions (like under-taking major refurbishment) are influenced and progressed by females. This shift in behaviour has evolved due to the fact that women are no longer prepared to endure the male trait of procrastination. Life is too short and we need to progress to achieve our dreams.
Proof of this theory has been revealed by Sussex-based Project Management Company, blue door living solutions whose business is to take control of building renovations and refurbishments for clients, saving them time, money and hassle. The company has discovered that women make 90% of all initial enquiries, often before prior consultation with their partner.

Enquiries tend to increase soon after Christmas following a typical household scenario. Often a family purchases their new home with the intention to re-decorate, re-configure rooms or build an extension for that vital additional living space. All these good intentions generally lapse once the family has moved in and settled into their new routine.

During the Christmas break, families not only spend more than average time together in their home, they also have an opportunity to discuss plans for the future. Christmas festivities serve to only highlight the inadequacies of their home, be it an undersized kitchen, insufficient space for entertaining or the need for a guest room. Reflecting on their original intentions, the couple reiterate their initial plans to renovate their home and commit to setting the wheels in motion in the New Year.

And so ... once the holiday season has drawn to a close it is apparent that men switch off their focus and carry on with life as before, falling under the illusion that these new plans will be magically undertaken! Women, now taking command of the situation, are transform-ing talk into reality. Combining a 'can do' attitude with some solid research they are adopting a modern approach to resolving household issues by contacting experts to get the job done.

A woman will always be the first to admit that neither partner has specialist knowledge required to oversee building works. Neither knows a router from a mastic gun. It's easier to understand a Greek menu than the jargon on a builder's quotation! With both partners leading busy lives, neither has time to track down and chase the numerous suppliers required to undertake refurbishment.

By appointing a project management company, such as blue door living solutions, both partners can relax, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on professionals to carry out the entire project. They will have just one point of contact, making it easier for them to keep abreast of the works in progress and the budget.

Managing Director, Rupert Maitland advises, "With both partners busy, either with their jobs or running the family home, it's now crucial to contact experts. We've noticed that most of our calls come from women who realise that the simplest and most cost effective solution to creating their dream family home is by appointing a project manager."

"We can take control of planning, building regulations and design economics as well as management of builders. With our wide-ranging expertise we protect homeowners from the traditional pitfalls of undertaking renovations such as chasing up unreliable builders and pinning them down to a start date. In the current market, work-hungry builders are hard to find, they have a tendency to show great enthusiasm initially then never get back to you, or send in a quotation that is well over your budget."

Once the design has been agreed, blue door will provide a detailed budget for the project, giving Clients the most important information before a builder is signed up. This, along with a realistic building programme and proper building contract, gives total peace of mind.

A clever woman knows that involving a third party helps to keep their relationship in-tact.

A project manager removes the stress created when dealing with all those involved in a building project, allowing the couple to focus on the enjoyable aspects of refurbishment such as colour selection or designing a kitchen. With clear, easily explained budgeting presented by blue door, couples take on the shared responsibility of accepting the quotations. There are no opportunities for misinterpre-tations or grey areas - so less scope for arguments!

Always shrewd with the family purchasing decisions, the woman is allowed to feel a little smug with the decision to use blue door. If their other half uses the excuse that a Project Manager will be an additional cost, the ladies have a valid fact up their sleeve; that the savings blue door has achieved in professionally scrutinising and negotiating quotes have more than paid for the project management fee itself. Obviously to us women, the money we have saved surely means that we can spend it on a special treat ... like a summer holiday or a new spring wardrobe?

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